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Your First Visit

Welcome! As a new patient, you're probably wondering what to expect during your first visit to our audiology office.

You will be given an audiologic evaluation to determine how much hearing loss, if any, is present. This testing consists of a case history, a hearing sensitivity test, a speech recognition test, an otoscopic examination and a consultation with Dr. Hampton.

The hearing sensitivity test takes place in a sound-proof booth and measures your hearing sensitivity for different pitches (frequencies). For example, an individual who hears the tones at a level of 15 decibels or softer has a hearing "threshold" in the normal range. Someone who doesn't hear the tones until a level of 25 decibels has a mild hearing loss. The hearing threshold test provides information about the degree of hearing loss and the type of hearing loss. The test also provides important information when deciding whether hearing aids should be recommended.

Speech tests use pre-recorded speech or the examiner's own voice to measure when you can detect speech, the loudness that is most comfortable for you, the loudness you can tolerate and your ability to recognize or discriminate speech. The speech recognition test provides important diagnostic information, as well as useful information about the potential benefits of hearing aids.

Otoscopic examination of your ear canals makes sure that earwax is not interfering with your hearing. Our video otoscope allows you to view your ear canal and eardrum on the video monitor during the examination.

After testing has been completed, Dr. Hampton will explain the results to you and will recommend treatment if necessary. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about your hearing.

Congratulations on taking this important first step in
your hearing healthcare!