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Taking Good Care of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can malfunction at any time for no apparent reason. Sometimes it seems as if hearing aids stop working the day before a daughter's wedding, the night of a special movie on TV, or some other special time.

While mechanical and electrical failures can cause hearing aid malfunction, about 50% of the repair problems noted with in-the-ear and canal hearing aids are due to earwax (cerumen). If your aid is using too many batteries, sounds weak, or has no sound at all, it may be due to earwax blocking the sound opening. There are several things you can do to minimize this problem

First, use your wax loop to remove cerumen, debris, and skin from the aid itself. Secondly, consider periodic removal of wax from your ear canals using a Murinex or X-Wax removal system. Note: Do not use Q-tips, as this pushes the wax further into your ear, possibly damaging your ear canal.

Other tips: Throw away your old batteries to avoid mixing them with good ones; Don't use hair spray or talcum powder with your hearing aids in place; Buy fresh, long-lasting quality batteries (batteries may all look the same, but high-quality, long-lasting batteries can last up to twice as long as cheaper ones); Avoid exposing your hearing aids to excessive moisture; At night, store your hearing aids in a dehumidifier container or electric drying unit.