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My Hearing Aid Is Whistling
and It's Not Dixie!

Most hearing aid users have experienced whistling or feedback at one time or another. It is perfectly normal for a hearing aid to whistle while a hand is cupped over the ear or when the hearing aid is inserted or removed from the ear while still switched on. One of the most common causes of inappropriate feedback is earwax, or cerumen.

Earwax appears to accumulate more easily in the ears of hearing aid users. The presence of the hearing aid or earmold in the ear canal prevents the earwax from naturally leaving the ear. The resulting wax accumulation then acts like a barrier to the amplified sound of the hearing aid, causing occasional or continuous whistling.

Should whistling occur for no apparent reason, schedule a visit to our office so we can find the cause. An office visit will include an ear examination, as well as a hearing aid inspection and cleaning, since hearing aid malfunction can also cause inappropriate feedback. Regular office visits will keep you, not your hearing aid, whistling Dixie!