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Take Good Care of Your Hearing

We recommend regular check-ups of your hearing and hearing aids to ensure that you're hearing as well as possible. Your annual check-up includes the following:

1. Hearing examination. The hearing test is a check of your hearing sensitivity and ability to understand speech. If we find any change in your hearing we'll recommend treatment or adjust your hearing aids to compensate for the change.

2. Check your ear canals. Earwax is one of the most common causes of hearing aid feedback (whistle) and breakdown. Early detection and removal of earwax is much easier than waiting until a large build-up occurs. Because we use a video-camera otoscope, you can see your ear canal and eardrum on the TV monitor during the examination.

3. Check, clean and adjust your hearing aids. Regular cleaning can minimize repairs and make sure that you're receiving the maximum benefit from your hearing aids. While you're here, Kathleen will put your hearing aids through a power vacuum cycle to remove microscopic dust and wax from the hearing aid microphones and speakers. If you use behind-the-ear aids, we will disinfect the earmolds and re-tube as necessary. A good cleaning and re-programming of your hearing aids can often make a noticeable difference in how well you're hearing.

4. Review other sources of help. Your check-up is a good time to learn about other devices, such as telephone amplifiers, clock and smoke alarms, and devices for television and group settings.

Your hearing deserves good care! Please call our office if you would like to schedule an appointment.